Call for Papers 'Digital Dreams' Ghent 8-9 September 2017


On 8 and 9 September 2017 an international conference is held in Ghent, Belgium on the digital future of archives, museums and social history research.

Amsab-Institute of Social History, together with Ghent University, are hosting the international conferenc ‘Digital Dreams: Information Technology, Social History Research and the Future of Archives, Museums and Libraries’. We are looking for papers and presentations on the effects of the use of computers and information technology on the future of archives, museums and digital humanities.

Dream or nightmare to come? Find the full call for papers at Proposals can be sent to until the end of June.

The conference will take place at De Krook, the new cutting edge city library of Ghent, and is being organized by IALHI-International Association of Labour History Institutions and Worklab-International Association of Labour Museums, with the support of ITH-International Conference of Labour and Social History and ELHN-European Labour History Network.

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