Vacature : Patria - KADOC Short Postdoctoral Fellowship on Religion, Culture and Society, 19th and 20th centuries

Vacature : Patria - KADOC Short Postdoctoral Fellowship on Religion, Culture and Society, 19th and 20th centuries

In order to stimulate high-quality scientific research into the social and cultural impact of religion in 19th- and 20th-century society, Patria vzw and KADOC-KU Leuven offer a short postdoctoral fellowship (12 months). It will be awarded biannually from 2023 onwards. 

The fellowship targets excellent junior researchers (M/F) in the human sciences that have recently defended their PhD or are about to. It offers them an opportunity to further develop their research career by carrying out a well-defined, feasible and innovative research project, whether or not building on the knowledge and expertise acquired through the doctorate. The project should lead to a tangible result, preferably the publication of an article in an international scientific journal. The fellowship also supports these young academics in preparing the publication of their dissertation.

What we offer

A short (12 month) full time postdoctoral research mandate at KU Leuven 
A unique opportunity to carry out an innovative research project, leading to a tangible result, while living and working at KU Leuven. The Patria-KADOC fellowship supports you in preparing the publication of your dissertation. 
A stimulating working environment at KADOC, closely interacting and enjoying support from scholars and professionals connected to the Centre. 
Easy access to the Leuven collections and research infrastructure, the rich archival and book collections of KADOC in particular.
A well-equipped working-space and all necessary administrative and logistical support

What we expect

Applicants must hold a doctoral degree or a degree or certificate recognised as equivalent in application of European Union directives or a bilateral agreement. They obtained their doctoral degree later than 1 October 2020 or will receive it no later than 1 June 2023.
They can only submit one application and can only postulate twice. They have not yet enjoyed the fellowship. 
They are willing to carry out their fellowship at KADOC-KU Leuven
They will choose a promotor acquainted to KADOC. This promotor will provide a separate letter of motivation. 
Applicants will develop a strong, well-considered project plan for their fellowship, linked to tangible and achievable goals, and with a clear timetable. Their research is aligned to the overall goals of this postdoctoral fellowship. 
They are proficient in English, demonstrated by publications and/or an official certificate.
As a general rule, holders of a post-doctoral mandate at KU Leuven are expected to 1) have a domiciliation in Belgium, 2) have a Belgian bank account and 3) join a Flemish Social Security Office.
KADOC-KU Leuven seeks to foster an inclusive environment where all talents can flourish, regardless of gender, age, religion, cultural back- ground, nationality, sexuality or disability. We support our university’s commitment to social responsibility, diversity and inclusion.

How to apply

Candidates are invited to enter their application using the dedicated web-module before Wednesday 15 March > 5 p.m.

Please contact Dr. Peter Heyrman, head of Research or here